About Us

Çamsan Parkelam the story of Turkey's first laminate flooring, is based on the establishment in the manufacturer of MDF and MDFLAM Çamsan Entegre 1978.


Çamsan Parkelam is established under the roof of Çamsan Entegre, which has expanded its field of activity by increasing its foreign trade volume over the years. Çamsan Parkelam, founded in 1998, derives its strength from the experience and innovative perspective of Çamsan Entegre, which has been the leader of the sector for many years. It develops with this vision and begins to serve production and the national economy. 


Since its establishment, Çamsan Parkelam has been involved in all stages of design and production; adhering to the principles of quality, health, environment and aesthetics, it continues to be a strategic business partner that adds value to world brands.


Çamsan Parkelam is produced in a 90.000 m² closed area of ​​Çamsan Entegre's factory located on a total 300.000 m² area in Sakarya - Hendek. While a large portion of customers consisting of domestic and foreign manufacturers operating in Turkey continues to increase its exports to different countries together. Our company has 9 quality and production system certificates which have international validity. Our company works with a strong technological infrastructure in its large capacity production facilities and contributes to the development of domestic industry with its qualified production lines. Çamsan Parkelam, which uses first class raw materials in its products, demonstrates its privilege with its specialized team in design.


Çamsan Parkelam Headquarters in 4. Levent, Istanbul; management, procurement, design, marketing, customer relations, financial affairs, human resources and information technology activities are carried out; The factory in Sakarya-Hendek produces parquet.


Continuing its product diversification and development efforts, Çamsan Parkelam is a floor decoration supplier that offers parquet trends to its customers beyond meeting customer demands.


Today, given the worldwide quality, reliable and fast service with the world's leading hardwood exports to that country Çamsan Parkelam is located between ISO 500 Large Industrial Organizations of Turkey.


In 2021, Çamsan Parkelam recorded significant growth in terms of turnover and number of production compared to the previous year. It aims to continue its growth by taking a more active role in the few countries of Europe by 2022.