As Çamsan Parkelam, the most important element of our Human Resources policy is the “Human First” element.

The main objective of our work is to create a common corporate culture with a structure in which the individual targets of our employees, our most valuable resource, and the goals and strategies of our organization are advancing on a common path. Our vision is to create a corporate value that our employees feel belong to, which makes the performance of our innovative, enterprising and passionate human resources continuous.


Çamsan Parkelam Human Resources management; Our main principle is to provide employment, equality of opportunity, motivation of employees, creation of a fair and professional working environment and providing necessary support to identify and meet the training needs of employees.


In line with these principles, it is our policy to keep the organizational structure dynamic by providing the necessary motivation, to prepare our employees for current and future changes, to open up innovations and changes to our organization, to have entrepreneurship ability, to energetic, to aim to develop oneself and business, to adopt and maintain our values.


Çamsan Parkelam, our basic principle in recruitment; Çamsan Parkelam’s vision and objectives to support, personality, talent and experience with the most appropriate qualifications, is selected in line with the principle of equal opportunity.


With the support of our human resources, our employees aim to add value to their work, position themselves, develop and manage their career goals. On the other hand, human resources management is committed to