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A) ÇAMSAN parquet guarantee covers wearing resistance of the laminate surface of parquet products.


In residences; 10 years, For business places; 5 year

B)  The stated warranty terms will be valid if submitted by the Warranty Certificate. Warranty certificate, which is completely filled by the seller with invoice and signed by the vendor firm, is absolutely required and must be kept during the warranty period.

C) The warranty conditions are invalid if a Warranty Certificate with the seller's seal and signature placed on itand invoice and delivery dates written on it can not be submitted.

The following items arising from the failure to use the product even when submitted in the form of a valid warranty document as specified in the use and installation instructions are not covered by the warranty.

a) Application of scraper, polish and  sanding on the Çamsan Parquet,

b) Exposure Natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, remaining in water for a certain period, etc.,

c) Laying on wet floors such as sauna, bathroom, toilet, outdoor terrace and so on,

d) Problems arising due to failure to comply with the rules specified in the application (assembly) instructions,

e) If the floor to be trimmed is not in line with the rules set out in the installation instructions

f) Wear, breakage and scratches which may result in improper assembly, disassembly and improper use,

g) Pressure, impact and mechanical damages which are not suitable to panels

h) The dealer/vendor who perform the installation of the product is responsible for  problems arising out of the improper installation/assembly.

i) The responsibility to controlling the floor of the house or workplace to be laid with çamsan product before the installation process belongs to Çamsan Parquet Dealer and if there is a situation contrary to the application instructions, the customer should be informed and if the customer is insistent, the dealer has to obtain written document from customer. Otherwise, the dealer is responsible for problems related to the soil structure.

j) The product is not covered by warranty in case of surface deterioration caused by acid or similar chemicals

k) Metal, stone pieces can scratch material. For this reason, the product must be protected against such materials by customer.

I) The product is not covered with warranty in case of parquet remaining under water coming from the walls and windows of the building,

m) The product should not be used on stairs. Instead, ask for material that has been produced for the stairs and has protected edges.

n) AC3-31st class and AC4-32nd class product usage places are mentioned above. Laying performed in contravention of this conditions is not covered by the warranty.

For example: laying of a 31st class material in workplaces where the human movement is intense, or laying of the 32nd class matetial at workplace, where the human movement is very intense, and the mixing of 31st and 32nd class products.